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Terms of Use

By signing up and logging into CelebBoard.com, I agree and certify to the following:

1) That I am of legal age to view sexually explict pictures.

2) That viewing sexually explicit pictures does not violate the standards of my community.

3) That I will not post illegal pictures (beastiality, child pornography, copyrighted images, etc.) or links to such pictures to the board for others to view.

4) That I will not spam the board with links to click through programs or pop-up consoles

5) That I will not retrieve the email addresses inside for spamming purposes.

6) That I will not give my username and password to anyone else, nor post it in a Warez or Password site

7) I understand that violation of any of these rules or any others not explicitly posted can result in my being banned from this board for life.

The Administrators of this board certify to the following:

1) That we will not give out your information to ANYONE else.

2) That we will not spam you in any way.

3) That we retain the right to delete any material deemed to be patently offensive or in violation of the board terms.