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Frequently Asked Questions!

Here is a brief explanation of some of the questions you may have about CelebBoard.

What is required on this board?

First and foremost - keep an open mind! There are people here from all over the world and if they happen to say something you might not like - either ignore it or learn to live with it. The next most important thing is to Try and behave in and 'ADULT' fashion - which means TRY TRY TRY to just be CIVIL to one another. You may not like them, and you certainly don't HAVE to, but starting a nasty flame war is one of the things we frown upon here. In fact - we frown on it to the point of BANNING people... ;) In addition - never be afraid to request help, comments, suggestions, or anything from any of the other members, as this site is SUPPOSED to be an open forum for all. If you have requests for pics, don't be afraid to ask, but remember - it is a REQUEST! - demands can result in you being ignored completely, which is almost worse than being banned (almost).

And what is required most of all: BE YOURSELF (Don't impersonate or pretend to be somebody else)

Abusing the board/server

While I do understand that sometimes downloading stuff becomes a little tedious now and then running a file retriever bot against the board is strictly prohibited. Why? Because other people want to be able to download files as well, post stuff, interact with the others here, and with the advent of 'sooper-multi-threaded-max-bandwidth-optimized file retrievers', it's entirely possible for one or two people to suck up all the available bandwidth to the point where NOBODY ELSE CAN DO ANYTHING. Needless to say, that is not acceptable and as such, running a bot can get your access shut down and you'll be suspended/banned/blacklisted depending on the severity. While some boards host files externally on image hosts, we here DO NOT. So, sucking down the main thread can result in a huge spike in bandwidth use, and a corresponding decrease in anyone else's enjoyment. And, since we're not Amazon with virtually unlimited resources... well, just don't do it.

What can and cannot be posted ?

You can post anything you want as long as it has to do with celebrity and the images are not copyright protected ... be it regular or more adult (hardcore) celebrities. Please note: Playboy Images are NOT ALLOWED ON THIS SITE. Posting images from P.E.I. will result in your being banned from the site. The images do not have to be your work, but sometimes it can be appropriate to give the original scanner/capper/artist credit.


If you're uploading images, please use JPG or GIF formats in order to conserve bandwidth. In addition, those are the two most popular formats that can be displayed by the browsers.

Videos are now allowed, each user gets his or her own video space which they can share within this site only. We also can convert to streaming versions, again, for this site only due to bandwidth issues. Face it, we're not anywhere near as big as YouTube.

How long does it take for my membership?

After paying, it may take a few minutes to a few hours to get you registered, this is because it may take a while for the email to get to me, or you might be signing up when I'm sound asleep. And while I -am- dedicated to running this site, hey, I still have to sleep on occasion. Usually, I can get you signed up regardless of where I am, since with smartphones being what they are I can actually manage this site from whereever I am. Generally, about an hour or two. Worst case? 6-8 hours depending on my local time vs your local time.

I can't afford to pay, but I'm a giver (of posts)!

Believe it or not, with things being the way they are, we understand. This site isn't really meant to make a bunch of money, we do this because we LOVE it. And naked women. Almost equally. There are lots of people out there who wish to contribute in non-finanical ways such as posting, uploading images, thanking people, all that great stuff. They don't have much of a life (like any of us really do!) but you'll share what you have. Thus - we have our protege memberships. There are some who can and do contribute more than the standard membership, these are our Macenas sponsors - they sponsor you - the protege, and those slots are rather limited. What you can do is apply (Click here). If there is a slot, I'll set up your account and email you back.