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About the Webmasters


Patten started collecting celebrities back in those days when you had to hunt all over the net just to even find celebrity images at all. He immediately went for the more established female stars, hence his passion for Golden Oldies.

As a result, his first page ever was a homepage called Pat's Persistency in which he had a secret section of around 60 female celebrities which visitors had to discover (and boy did they search!).

Eventually, he ended up building celebrity domains of his own, Celebrities Caught Nude and Nude James Bond Girls in which he collected (almost) every bondgirl that ever displayed any nudity. In addition he is also into scanning and capping, recently at PaPPa's Mpegs and Scans.

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Rookie has been involved with Celebrity Imaging ever since he got online the first time back in April 1996. The first image he happened to pull up was Cindy Crawford, which may explain his infatuation with her ever since.

As a result, his first page ever was devoted to, well, you know who. Eventually though, he expanded his focus to involve all celebrities, and began to specialize in vidcaps, montages, and mpegs.

Eventually, his abilities developed to the point where he applied to (and was accepted) into the imaging group CiArtists, and created additional sites to show his work. ABC-Video.com showcases celebrity mpegs, and Rookiecaps holds all (350+) of his collages.

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